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Should I Mix Business With Pleasure?

  • October 12, 2011 at 12:30 pm

When my business coach, Natasha Allrich, called me a few months ago to take advantage of an opportunity to partner with Organo Gold coffee company, I thought it would be a great way to create an additional stream of income while maintaining flexible hours so I could continue to write my blogs, audition and work on other creative projects. The concept was simple, sample out coffee to people who drink coffee and then follow-up with them and see how they liked it.

As I have been sampling people I discovered a form of payment I didn’t expect: admiration from men. Many of the men I have sampled or followed-up with have asked me about my relationship status. They comment on how they can see I’m a go-getter and want to know if they can take me out on a date. I knew that men liked women who were ambitious and brought something to the table, but I had no idea that seeing those qualities in action would be such a turn-on for them. Although flattering, it has presented a two-fold challenge for me: 1) When I’m working, I’m working. I’m not really one to mix business with pleasure and 2) If I was to seriously date any of these men, would they become insecure that I’m out flirting with other men instead of working?

After brushing off the last man I met with to discuss business, he reminded me that at the end of the day when I have the money, the nice house and everything that comes with it, what will it be worth if I have no one to share it with and I’m still going to bed alone? That hit home. Along with that, my mom is telling me I need to take my dating life more seriously. It just puts me in an awkward place. Do I expand my focus past business and date business prospects or should I continue to separate business from pleasure?

Has your love life and your business life ever intersected? How did you handle it? Was it worth it?

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