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5 Dating Tips For Single Parents

  • February 26, 2011 at 3:22 pm

Dating can be complicated: meeting someone you may like, going out on dates to discover compatibility and getting the approval of your family and friends. However, there’s an added level of complexity when you have to introduce the person you’ve been seeing to your child or children. Will this person be a good guardian? Can this person handle an already made family? Will your child or children be willing to receive this person as a parental figure? The effects of integrating a significant other into a family can be substantial and long lasting. So much so that I find many single parents become overwhelmed, giving up dating all together.  But by the nature of being a single parent, you display several characteristics that are desirable for a long-term committed relationship that would be treasured by the right partner. For example, most single parents provide an environment of love, nurturing and stability for their children. That environment is like an oasis for a single person who is used to taking on life’s challenges alone. It reminds them of their childhood or the childhood they wished they had. It also may make you even more likely to build a long-term romantic relationship than a single person without children. Since a single person without children may have not yet developed these characteristics or be able to display them to a potential partner as quickly. These are just a few of the reasons why single parents should be available to dating.

Here are a few dating tips for single parents:

  • Be Open- As stated above, many single parents are not even open to the idea of dating. You deserve to be loved and have a wealth of love to share with someone. Don’t let being a single parent prevent you from attaining a deep and long-lasting love.
  • Wait Until You’re In An Exclusive Relationship To Introduce Your Children- This is important because your children don’t need to meet every man or woman you go out on a date with. They should only be properly introduced when you have decided to be in an exclusive relationship. This is also important for the person you’re dating as this gives them time to assess you and fall in love with you as an individual before meeting the rest of your family.
  • Speak To Your Children About Your Relationship- Children are very perceptive and understand more than we usually give them credit for. Make sure your children know that your heart is big enough for them and the person you are dating. That you are open to discuss their feelings or any concerns they may have. You and your children should be able to have an open and honest dialogue regarding your relationship.
  • Integrate Your Partner Into Family Activities- Once you’ve decided to be exclusive and had an open dialogue with your children, this is the time to see how well your partner assimilates into the family. Does he or she enjoy spending time with your children? Do your children enjoy spending time with your partner? Really take some time and assess the situation.
  • Balance Your Time- Your partner’s needs will be very different from the needs of your children. You will have to make time to ensure that each is having their needs met and continue to feel loved and secure in their relationship with you. This will also promote harmony in the household.

Although dating as a single parent can be complex, it is important that you also fulfill your needs of having love and companionship in your life. Following these tips will give you the necessary tools needed to grow a healthy and loving romantic relationship in which you and your family can feel comfortable and secure.

Are you a single parent? How have you been able to integrate dating into your life? Any tips you would like to share with other single parents?

Have you dated or are currently dating a single parent? What tips would you like to share for what worked in building your romantic relationship with that person?

Photo: Ernst Vikne / Flickr