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New Year, New Love

  • January 7, 2011 at 2:25 pm

2011 is already shaping up to be the year for love. Between all the news of recent and impending celebrity nuptials this year including: Shania Twain, Kellie Pickler, Hugh Hefner, Reese Witherspoon, and Prince Williams, along with celerity engagements including Sherri Shepherd, Rebecca Budig, Vivica Fox and Sarah Harding, it seems many people have not only found love but are ready to take that love to the next level in 2011. If you’re single and this is also one of your new year’s resolutions, I have some suggestions that may assist you in turning your goal into your reality:

  • Be open and available to love- Love comes in all shapes and sizes. Recognize love in all the forms you receive it daily whether it be from family, friends or even total strangers. Also be willing to give that love back. A loving touch or a friendly smile could be all that is needed to convey to another that you appreciate their love and you also love them.
  • Look for love in all the “right” places- A lot of emphasis is placed on physical attraction or financial stability when finding love, but the way to truly discover love is by looking past race, status, etc. and into your heart. How does this person make you feel when you’re around them? Could you truly see yourself with this person? A lot of times we have these pre-conceived notions of what the object of our love will look like and tend to overlook the people who do not seem to fit that model. However our true love may be “nothing we ever wanted, but everything we ever needed.” Keep your heart open.
  • Embark on new adventures- They say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result. To get a different result in your love life, try some things you’ve never done before either on your own or with your new partner. Taking a new class, going to a new museum or even hanging out with new people will broaden your mind in ways previously unknown. New experiences mentally stimulate you and allow you to look at life differently. This may help you in meeting someone new or seeing someone you’ve already known in a new way.
  • Believe- All of the suggestions I’ve listed above will be pointless if followed and you don’t believe. Believe you will attract someone this year who will love you and whom you can have a future with. Disregard any nagging negative thoughts that say, “You didn’t meet anyone last year, why will this year be any different?” This year will be different because you made a decision to find true love. That belief alone will chart the course for the rest of the year. I have a guy friend who started off 2010 praying he would find his true love. By the end of 2010, not only did he find her, but also married her. That could be your story in 2011.

With an open and available heart allowing you the ability to look for love in all the “right” places while embarking on new adventures and believing 2011 is your year for finding true love, this will be the year for your dreams in love to come true. Please share your success stories in 2011 by emailing me at

Do you have any additional suggestions that will make 2011 your most “love-filled” yet?

Photo:  Mozzercork/Flickr