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Singles Awareness Day

  • February 15, 2011 at 1:49 pm

We survived Valentine’s Day or as it’s popularly becoming known if you are single, “Singles Awareness Day!” Why you may ask? Because while everyone around you seems to be receiving flowers, heart shaped chocolates and going to romantic dinners, it’s the one day that although you’re already very aware, reinforces the fact that you are indeed single. For some, this day can be depressing. For others, it may encourage introspection or reflection as to why they may be single. However this year, instead of feeling down or discouraged, I propose you celebrate your singlehood.

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to visit my family and friends in Florida. Most of the friends I went to high school with are already married with children. It was great spending time with them and seeing the joy having a family brings to their lives. It’s a joy that I too would like to have one day. However, the one thing I also realized is how much freedom I have at this moment because I don’t have a husband or children. I can pick up at a moment’s notice and visit a friend in another state or another country. I can decide to further my education. Stay out as late as I want or sleep in as late as I want and none of my decisions affect anyone else but me. Ok, I can already hear the groaning from some of you….no it doesn’t keep me warm at night, but what it does do is give me the opportunity to be the best me I can be before settling down with someone else.

Rarely do we appreciate this stage, but being single is a gift. It gives us the ability to really live to our true potential and realize our highest personal expectations. We have an opportunity to be healthily selfish to pursue our passions, dreams and desires without worrying about how it’s going to have an effect on others. It’s an added pressure that we don’t even realize we don’t yet have until we have it. Whenever I have asked someone who is married, what advice they would have given their single younger self or to single people in general, the response is normally something like, “Have a lot of fun. Focus on yourself. Enjoy your personal freedom. Don’t worry about when you’re going to get married, because it will come soon enough. Date and enjoy life.”

Heed their advice. Instead of sitting at home depressed. Think about your life’s goals and really start working on or advancing in them. Concentrate on what makes you happy. There may come a time when your happiness may come secondary to the needs of your spouse or your family. So now while you have this single time, enjoy it!

Are you taking full advantage of your singlehood? If you’re in a relationship or married, what advice do you have for singles?

Photo: Alaskan Dude/ Flickr