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It’s My Blogaversary!

  • May 20, 2011 at 5:00 am

Well actually it was on May 5th and anyone who knows me knows I love Cinco De Mayo! So when I decided to launch the blog, I figured what better day than on one of my favorite holidays. Over margaritas and tortilla chips, I toasted the blog’s one year anniversary and was grateful for its readers and continued success. New Years, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. seem to be days that many people become introspective and reflect over their lives and their goals. My blogaversary was no different. How far had my blog come over the past year? What are the future goals? And where do I as the writer fit in the middle?

Two years after being a featured “Single and Fierce” writer for the Tyra Banks show website, my friends urged me to continue with my own personal dating and relationship blog and thus was formed. Since then Love and Life has steadily increased its number of subscribers and has readers worldwide including countries such as Poland, Italy, Spain and Jamaica. It has attracted media attention which prompted me to establish myself as a “dating and relationship expert.” This allowed me to be featured in the LA Wave newspaper, That’s Life with Angel Tyree and BlakStar radio shows. Love and Life has also been featured in other websites, Fun Lifestyle Fitness and Romantic Comedy Girl. Embracing me as her “Dating Guru,” the author of Romantic Comedy Girl even went as far as to turn the advice from my article Summer Lovin’ into a full blown 5 day Love Diet. Love and Life also launched its first sweepstakes in March randomly selecting subscriber Kathryn Johncox as the winner.

With the Love and Life blog building momentum, my future goals have been to allow it to grow into more of a dating and relationship brand than just a blog. I’m excited about creating a Love and Life Blogtalkradio, Ustream and/or Youtube channel. I also eventually see Love and Life having its own fan page on Facebook and Twitter account. The blog is even starting to get me into dating and relationship coaching and consulting as I am now taking on clients to create online dating profiles. (For more information you can email me at In addition, I’m currently working on two e-books on the topics of dating and relationships.

With all the success of Love and Life, you would think I’d be filled with joy, right? Well I am, but the most challenging part of writing this blog is the fact that I’m still looking to attract the love in my life that I write about. It’s so depressing at times to have so much wisdom and knowledge on dating and relationships and still be single. Whenever I am asked, “Are you in a relationship?” or “How can you be a dating and relationship expert if you’re single?” I feel my insecurities rise up and want to cringe. However, I recently read a quote that stated, “Being single doesn’t mean you know nothing about love. It’s wiser to be alone than to be with the wrong person.” Therefore I push past those insecurities and share with you as often as I can, the wisdom on love that has been given to me and work on following my own advice so I can also attract true and lasting love.

Thank you so much for reading my Love and Life blog. I am thrilled each time a reader tells me how much my articles have enriched their lives by giving them clarity and perspective or as it was intended to ignite conversations on dating and relationships. I look forward to continuing to share my insights with you and hopefully soon my own romantic love in life.

5 Ways To Experience True Love Now

  • March 4, 2011 at 2:31 pm

Many of us wait in anticipation of finding true love. We spend a lot of time wondering when we will meet that special someone. When will we no longer be alone? When will we get to share our life with them? However, how much time do we spend thinking about exactly what type of love we are looking to attract? It’s time we stop spending our time in anticipation and instead invest our time in experiencing the true love we seek now.

Here are five ways we can do this:

  • Be thankful for all of the love currently in your life: What love is in our life that we currently cannot see? Sometimes we spend so much time focusing on the lack of romantic love in our life we don’t even recognize or give gratitude for all the other types of love we currently have. Surround yourself with the love that is already yours. Experiencing love from your family, friends, co-workers and others will keep you in the flow of enjoying true love.
  • Give love: There’s a spiritual principle that says “whatever you give away you get back.” Therefore giving love begets receiving love. How can you show love today to yourself? To your family? To your friends? To your neighbor? Being in a space of giving love will allow you to be more receptive to receiving love.
  • Create a love vision board: Look through magazines and find words and images that describe or display the type of love you would like to create in your life. Paste them to a poster board and place it somewhere you can see often. This will remind you of the type of love you are attracting into your life and you can feel grateful for it now.
  • Create a love journal: Purchase a special journal for your beloved. This is a journal where you write loving thoughts just for your special someone. You can write about your day, your desire to be together or any other thoughts you would tell your mate once you meet. I’ve known several women who gave a love journal as a gift to their husband on their wedding night. Bookstores like Barnes and Nobles sell some great journals. Can you imagine what a special gift that would be?
  • Set aside some time to experience the love you would like to have in your life: Go somewhere alone and be still. Close your eyes and visualize this romantic love. Use all 5 of your senses to really feel it. How does it feel to be with your partner? Can you smell your partner’s cologne or perfume? How is this special person treating you? What activities do you two do together? What special qualities and characteristics are being brought into your life? What special qualities and characteristics are you bringing into theirs? Spend as little or as much time as you like doing this. The more often, the better. This visualization can even be done in a power-packed 5 minutes! (Ex. Sometimes I’ll hear a song on the radio and the lyrics remind me of the type of love I am attracting into my life and I’ll close my eyes and visualize it as the song is on.) The mind can’t tell the difference between what is real and what is imagined so really spend some time immersing yourself in the feeling.

Why wait to meet that special someone to experience true love when you can experience true love now? By performing the activities above, you can create a life in which every day is filled with love and bliss.

What other activities do you do that assist you in experiencing true love now?

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New Year, New Love

  • January 7, 2011 at 2:25 pm

2011 is already shaping up to be the year for love. Between all the news of recent and impending celebrity nuptials this year including: Shania Twain, Kellie Pickler, Hugh Hefner, Reese Witherspoon, and Prince Williams, along with celerity engagements including Sherri Shepherd, Rebecca Budig, Vivica Fox and Sarah Harding, it seems many people have not only found love but are ready to take that love to the next level in 2011. If you’re single and this is also one of your new year’s resolutions, I have some suggestions that may assist you in turning your goal into your reality:

  • Be open and available to love- Love comes in all shapes and sizes. Recognize love in all the forms you receive it daily whether it be from family, friends or even total strangers. Also be willing to give that love back. A loving touch or a friendly smile could be all that is needed to convey to another that you appreciate their love and you also love them.
  • Look for love in all the “right” places- A lot of emphasis is placed on physical attraction or financial stability when finding love, but the way to truly discover love is by looking past race, status, etc. and into your heart. How does this person make you feel when you’re around them? Could you truly see yourself with this person? A lot of times we have these pre-conceived notions of what the object of our love will look like and tend to overlook the people who do not seem to fit that model. However our true love may be “nothing we ever wanted, but everything we ever needed.” Keep your heart open.
  • Embark on new adventures- They say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result. To get a different result in your love life, try some things you’ve never done before either on your own or with your new partner. Taking a new class, going to a new museum or even hanging out with new people will broaden your mind in ways previously unknown. New experiences mentally stimulate you and allow you to look at life differently. This may help you in meeting someone new or seeing someone you’ve already known in a new way.
  • Believe- All of the suggestions I’ve listed above will be pointless if followed and you don’t believe. Believe you will attract someone this year who will love you and whom you can have a future with. Disregard any nagging negative thoughts that say, “You didn’t meet anyone last year, why will this year be any different?” This year will be different because you made a decision to find true love. That belief alone will chart the course for the rest of the year. I have a guy friend who started off 2010 praying he would find his true love. By the end of 2010, not only did he find her, but also married her. That could be your story in 2011.

With an open and available heart allowing you the ability to look for love in all the “right” places while embarking on new adventures and believing 2011 is your year for finding true love, this will be the year for your dreams in love to come true. Please share your success stories in 2011 by emailing me at

Do you have any additional suggestions that will make 2011 your most “love-filled” yet?

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