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It’s Wedding Season!

  • June 15, 2011 at 9:07 am

Nothing reminds you that you’re single more than going to a wedding. On any Saturday during the month of June and throughout most of the summer, many single women (along with many single men) have to put on their “best” faces and be unselfishly happy for their friend having found the love of their life. Thus making them ponder why they are still waiting on the sidelines watching instead of wearing a white bridal gown (or a groomsman’s suit) themselves. This is magnified even more if the single person is part of the wedding party as displayed in the hit movie, “Bridesmaids.”

I personally have had my own share of emotional experiences at weddings. Forgoing the brave face and crying tears that weren’t always happy. Once I spent the majority of a friend’s wedding reception crying on the phone to another friend states away depressed about an impending break-up with my then boyfriend. This offended the bride who was upset I was not around to catch her bridal flowers during the coveted bouquet toss. Then there was the time I spent a couple of hours in the car crying during my younger brother’s wedding reception because he made it to the marital alter before me. When was I going to meet my soul mate I wondered?

During the first weekend of June, I flew to Boston to attend my cousin’s wedding. With my +1 being my mother and not a husband or significant other, I wondered if once again I would be in a bathroom stall or car crying my eyes out over my desire to be married. However while preparing for the big day, I spoke to the groom’s cousin who shared with me how big and beautiful her wedding was. Then a year later, she was going through a divorce. She complained how all that money was down the drain and promised if she ever married again to forego a big wedding. It just reminded me how much it’s not about the big party, white dress and engagement ring bling. It’s really about the relationship with the person whom you choose to say, “I do.”

Having survived my cousin’s wedding with dry eyes, I can honestly say I am excited about her adventure and wish her a successful marriage filled with love, joy and peace. Instead of feeling sad or depressed, watching her with her new husband gave me a renewed sense of hope as they displayed their love. Soon enough my prince will come. In the meantime, I will continue to believe in love and be joyful for all those who seem to find it.

How do weddings make you feel? Have you ever had an emotional experience during a wedding?

Photo: Lasana Smith

Project Husband

  • September 29, 2010 at 1:43 pm

If you’re a woman over the age of 25, you’ve already been bombarded by the societal messages that you should be married by thirty and that your fertility will decline as you age. Each woman handles these pressures differently. Some women rebel against them by reviving the adventures of their youth with random hook-ups, one night stands and drinking binges. They don’t believe that society should dictate to them who they should be or how they should act at any age. Other women thrust themselves further into their work believing instead they will excel in the one area that with hard work they can control and succeed in…their jobs. Then there are the women who totally acquiesce to the pressure of society and believing they only have a few viable years to acquire a husband and kids, decide to devote the rest of their single lives to “project husband.”

What is “project husband” you may be asking? It is when a woman is determined to find a husband in the shortest amount of time possible and pursues it as she would finding a job. Now for the record, I’m not saying there is anything wrong with wanting to be married and creating opportunities for finding that special someone. My issue with “project husband” is in the intention: To find a husband who will most likely be the father of their children. Little emphasis seems to be placed on love, compatibility, common interests, etc. as more emphasis seems to be placed on the willingness of the man to make a marital commitment and if he and his lifestyle are tolerable. Wearing a beautiful white dress and having a big party to impress friends and family along with the ability to join the “first wives” club, is more important to these women than creating a partnership and a marriage that lasts a lifetime.

With the American divorce rate being reported at 50% and 70-80% of these divorces being filed by women, I think it’s imperative that women enter the institution of marriage with reverence. Not due to the peer pressure mentality of “well everyone else is doing it,” societal validation or as some sort of “rites of passage” into womanhood, because marriage doesn’t just dramatically affect your life but also the lives of your mate, families and potential children.

Instead of flipping through pages of the latest bridal magazines and fantasizing on how you would look in this year’s Fall wedding dress trends. Fantasize over these types of questions instead:

Who am I and what do I bring to a marriage?

What do I want my future to look like?

What type of partner will complement my ideal future?

What do I want my marriage to look like? Feel like?

What traditions would I like to implement into my marriage to constantly renew our love?

What are some marital strategies I can employ to foster a long-lasting union?

Properly assessing potential mates and the type of marriage you want will provide greater assurance that you will not only gain a “husband” but a life partner.

Photo: Orangeacid/ Flickr